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12:00 - 1:00 PM ET
December 18th, 2019
Led by Laurie Gerber
Head Coach

Learn to care for yourself and the world in the best way possible––by improving how you see the world and show up every single day. Waldo is partnering with Head Coach Laurie Gerber from The Handel Group to host a series of free webinars to inspire and motivate you to craft a vision for what you’d like your life to become, and the tools to do so to evolve to a higher state.

Join the webinar via the ZOOM link here:

[COMPLETE] Webinar 1: Design Your Life Across 12 Key Areas :: Wednesday 30th October: 12pm-1pm EST/5pm – 6pm GMT
First, you’ll learn the importance of treating your life holistically as you learn how to dream in all 12 areas of life. You’ll also assess your current reality and start to understand how your mind has a mind of its own and is keeping you locked in default mode. You’ll learn how to bust your excuses while coming to understand the true meaning of Personal Integrity, the alignment of your head (plan), body (actions) and heart (dream). And you’ll leave with an action plan to hold you accountable to your highest vision for yourself.

Listen to the recording here (pw: waldo)

Webinar 2: Change Your Mind and Get It Under New Management :: Wednesday 20th November: 12pm-1pm EST/5pm – 6pm GMT
There’s an illusion that nothing important is really going on in that dark nightclub of our minds, where all our thoughts, theories, and inner dialogues dance. But, the truth is, we’ve all done such a lousy job as bouncer of that club, it’s kind of amazing. Yes, your mind has a mind of its own. And if left unchecked, all those voices can cause dream decay. In this intimate, uncensored Change Your Mind webinar, we will teach you how to identify the 8 basic brands of excuses and the 3 negative voices and create clear, actionable steps to help you get out of your own way and curate thoughts that are a match for your dream. Whether it’s your career, your family, and/or your body, it’s time to get your mind playing for the right team.

Listen to the recording here (pw: waldo)

Webinar 3: Art of Honesty: The Art of Difficult Conversations ::  Wednesday 18th December: 12pm-1pm EST/5pm – 6pm GMT
Are you completely honest with the people in your life? Do you put off having potentially difficult conversations, or avoid them altogether? Is your best resolution to stay quiet, hope for the best, or try and get over it?Tough conversations take courage, grace, and wisdom. In this webinar, we will teach you how to identify the conversations you need to have in your life, whether at work or at home, and more importantly, show you how to craft those much-needed talks so that you’ll both listen well and feel heard. Expect to finish this talk feeling like you can handle anything. Because you can.

You’ll learn to:

  • Identify the seven categories of lies and the eight categories of excuses
  • Ask for permission for the conversations you need
  • Plan and execute your conversations brilliantly
  • Move forward in an action plan to conduct relationships with integrity and ease into the future.