Design Your Life Workshop @ Athena | Handel Group

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May 1-2, 2019
Led by Jill Alban

Are you done being mystified about why what you want seems forever out of reach? Get to the bottom of it with Jill Alban, life coach of The Handel Method® . This workshop will get you dreaming in more areas of your life than you ever let yourself imagine. Learn the secret sauce to happiness: Personal Integrity®, the aligning of your head (plan), heart (desire), and body (actions). Return home with the tools you need to live aligned with your highest ideals for yourself.

This event is in partnership with the Athena Pack. A 2-day summit in Bozeman, Montana that is built around the idea that you are the company you keep. Who we surround ourselves with matters. This event brings together kind, inspired, shiney women, who want to elevate others!