Design Your Life Workshop with Choose Love Now @ JCC | Handel Group

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7-9 PM
May 13, 2019
Led by Alyssa Rocco
HG Staff

Fight the real war—the one for inner peace.

If you’re inspired and motivated to create and cultivate lasting impact in your community, this Design Your Life workshop with HG Life Coach Alyssa Rocco will offer you a starting point to jump-start your journey as a change-maker.  These tools will open the door for you to make necessary changes to upgrade yourself (yes, you can design your personality!) and evolve to a higher state.

First, you’ll learn the importance of treating your life holistically as you learn how to dream in all 12 areas of life. You’ll also assess your current reality and start to understand how the voices, theories, and traits in your mind are keeping you locked in default mode. You’ll learn how to bust your excuses while coming to understand the true meaning of Personal Integrity®: the alignment of your head (plan) with your body (actions) to your heart (dream). And you’ll leave with an action plan (and a new community of people) to hold you accountable to the renewed vision you’ve created for yourself.  

Learn to care for the world in the best way possible – by improving how you show up every single day.