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June 13, 2016
Led by Handel Group

Ready to jump start your life?

Whether you’re brand new to coaching or just need a loving push (or, fine, shove) to move yourself to that next level, this 12-week group tele-course gets you into the right actions to forward your every dream.

In this group tele-course, you will:

  • Design goosebump-worthy dreams in ALL areas of your life.
  • Get honest about your current reality.
  • Proudly catch your excuses, reasons and justifications
  • Create an action plan that is aligned with your dreams.
  • Learn how to keep a promise to yourself.
  • Become friends with time. Because, more than likely, at this very moment, it’s not ‘on your side’ at all.

This powerful 12-week group tele-course features a strong focus on designing your dreams, getting out of your own way and into the right actions to, once and for real, be honestly happy.


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