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Election Week Stress Guide

What a year this has been. And, yeah, it’s not over yet. Who and how we are going to be, no matter the “weather” or “whether ”in our region, is up to us. Here are some tips on managing your mind over the next week. If you need more support, check out our online coaching course Inner.U. It will help you not only get your head under new management but design your life, this week and beyond.


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1. What to do when you’re sent home through no fault of your own… 

Look, this shi(f)t is real. But it’s gonna pass. And when it’s over, don’t you want to look back with pride at everything you achieved? For us humans, it’s easy to be great when things are great. But now, it’s time for us to step up, to all rise. Yep, that means you, too…READ MORE. 


2. Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Now, more than ever, we need to keep the momentum. Too many lives have been lost during this time-out for us to not learn our lessons already. To, once and for real, step up and not push snooze again, sweep, step over, or white-out what truly matters…READ MORE.


3. The Doom Fairy

The “Doom Fairy”….that’s what I call my worrying trait. The one that I got from my mother and the one that sounds a lot like her. But guess what…it’s just that: a trait. One that me (and a bunch of my family!) have worked on leashing.So, if you’re around a bunch of worry-warts, doom fairies, or knock-on-wooders, here’s how to get a Handel on it…READ MORE.


4. Mind Your Mind

For such a dark and moody lot, we’re sure not wise to how often we go dark, not to mention how little a clue we have as to where our (inner) light switch is. You might have heard the stats: According to science, the average human has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those thoughts, guess how many are inspiring, dreamy, and original? Uh, not many…can you imagine NOW? We’d be willing to bet that stat has spiked…READ MORE.


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