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Personalized Retreats

HG Life offers several different half-day, day-long, two-day and/or weekend retreats for individuals, couples, or small groups that are uniquely structured to meet your personal needs.

Relationship Retreats

An HG Relationship Retreat goes, in one life-altering weekend, below and beyond traditional couples’ counseling to resolve the seemingly unresolvable. An experienced coach will help you face what is currently stifling your relationship, from fears, anger, unsaids and resentments, so that you both can to your core understand what it is currently in your way and design a resolution together. Our honest and straightforward approach gets to the heart of what is really at play in your relationship so that you can both be heard, understood and respected. This weekend session will expand your understanding of yourself and each other and forever alter the dynamic the two of you share.

Design Your Life® Retreat:

This is a one-on-one private experience between you and a master coach, typically held as an in-depth day or two-day retreat. This is for new or existing clients and is best suited for people who are thriving but looking to fast track several areas of life and produce rapid results. You’ll learn to dream and uncover what you really want in the 12 areas of life, get rid of self-sabotaging beliefs, make and keep promises to yourself around body, career, relationships, time management, family (and more!), and learn how to tell the truth while identifying and understanding your life lessons. You’ll leave the retreat with a new perspective, attainable goals, and an inspired personal plan.

Family & Community Retreats

The Family & Community retreat is held between family members or a small group of any kind (e.g. groups of friends, a small team, a women’s or men’s group) and an HG coach. Family retreats offer a profound experience to heal relationships between siblings, parents, children, and relatives, and give people the time-tested tools to improve communication and intimacy. Meanwhile, community retreats offer a unique opportunity to resolve any conflict among group members or bring your group to the next level. Participants will leave with a new understanding of individual personality traits and group traits and how they interact. This knowledge enables a shift in how everyone relates to each other.

Advanced Design Your Life Retreats

This retreat is for existing HG clients only who are ready to fast track and produce rapid results in specific areas of life or who need intensive work on incidents from the past. If, even after regular weekly coaching, you are still stuck in an area of life like career, love, money, family, or health, you may need a deeper dive. HG has a process specifically designed for experienced clients to help hack into those harder areas, connect the dots, and radically change your life. In an Advanced Design Your Life retreat, you will investigate and “unravel” the incidents from your past that still haunt you. This retreat will give you increased clarity, peace, and self-confidence to finally experience real freedom in areas of  your life that in the past may have felt impossible to change.


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