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Personalized Retreats

HG Life offers several different half-day, day-long, two-day and/or weekend retreats for individuals, couples, or small groups that are uniquely structured to meet your personal needs.

Personal Retreats

An HG Relationship Retreat goes, in one life-altering weekend, below and beyond traditional couples’ counseling to resolve the seemingly unresolvable. An experienced coach will help you face what is currently stifling your relationship, from fears, anger, unsaids and resentments, so that you both can to your core understand what it is currently in your way and design a resolution together. Our honest and straightforward approach gets to the heart of what is really at play in your relationship so that you can both be heard, understood and respected. This weekend session will expand your understanding of yourself and each other and forever alter the dynamic the two of you share.

Design Your Life® Retreat:

Any business, enterprise or joint venture is only as secure as its foundation: the relationship of its founders. If you and your business partner are struggling with competing visions, ineffective relationship dynamics, financial matters and other unresolved conflicts that are negatively impacting your results, we can help. An HG Business Partners’ Retreat can provide the context, coaching and mediation required to cause lasting change in your business. Our proven method goes beyond traditional executive mediation and gets to the heart of what is really at play in your business relationship, so both parties can be heard, understood and respected. This retreat is designed to comprehensively address issues from the past, shed the burden of miscommunications and reignite your shared commitment to future.

Family Matters Retreat

Few things weigh heavier than family issues. Whether the strife is between siblings, parents or children, a conflict that reaches a stalemate cannot but affect the entire family. If you are in crisis mode, reaching a painful breaking point or are out of communication with someone in your family, let us help you. An HG Family Retreat goes below and beyond traditional family counseling to bring resolution to the seemingly unresolvable. Our experienced coaches, in one weekend, with compassion, expertise and a blowtorch (a sense of humor) can get to the heart of what’s really at play in your relationship so you each can be heard, understood and respected. This session will expand your understanding of yourself and each other, forever altering the dynamic you share.

Customized Retreats

Spend one life-altering weekend with an expert coach as your mediator and resolve the seemingly unresolvable. Leave with a renewed sense of compassion, honesty and partnership. To find out more on how to customize a retreat to your needs schedule a consultation below.

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