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How I Stopped Cheating on Myself

“Help! I’m drowning.

My inner wisdom had been trying to get this message through to me for about a year, with increasing urgency.

At first, it was a whisper. I didn’t quite understand what it was saying. I wasn’t even sure it was talking to me. How could it be? I have a great job, a sweet home with a beautiful view, two healthy, happy children, a husband who can cook a killer veg curry and adores me…what could possibly be the problem?

The small voice got louder…

I felt increasingly uncomfortable in my own skin: hating photographs of myself, snapping at my children, losing interest in my favorite things, questioning all my choices. My relationship began showing cracks at its foundations.

I began to feel tired. So tired. The kind of tired sleep just can’t fix.” 

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Elephant Journal author Khara-Jade Warren shared her journey with Inner.U LIFE in this article. Read more to learn how she hacked her inner dialogue, cleaned up her personal pollution, and played for the right team, her dreams’. 

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