How to Have Hard Conversations About Sex with Selena Garefino | Handel Group

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12:00 PM ET
Thursday, June 24th
Led by Marnie Nir
SVP & Chief Content Officer | Expert Coach

How to Have Hard Conversations About Sex

When it comes to sex, are you tongue-tied or self-aware? Are you simply curious or fully free? Between society, religion, culture, and your family’s baggage alone, most of us were raised with a bunch of interesting (and/or limiting) ideas about sex and sexuality.

The bottom line? Most of us can’t talk about sex. We are afraid to ask for what we want. We’re not open to new things. Heck – we’d rather turn on the TV than our partner!

Until now, that is.

Join Handel Group for this workshop for an honest, fun, hot and heated conversation on how to find your voice when it comes to your love, sex, and dating life and get what you want physically and emotionally – from one partner, many partners, or yourself! – in and out of the bedroom.

Join this event to take on:

Discovering how free you really are about sex
Dating with intention
Designing your sex and dating life
Why it’s so hard for us humans to talk about sex
How to ask for what you want with grace and wisdom

…and so much more!

For f*ck’s sake (literally), bring your steamiest questions to take on your sex life (and off your granny panties) and have some FUN.