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EVP & Head Coach

Laurie Gerber

Laurie Gerber is one of the most engaging and effective life coaches and presenters in the country.

After holding several positions at Handel Group® over the last 15 years, including President of HG Life, Laurie is currently living her dream as a Head Coach of HG Life, empowering HG’s team of life coaches and thought leaders to deliver The Handel Method® with grace and wisdom to their thousands of clients.


Laurie is out to change the world, and she has a passion for coaching people who share that mission. She especially loves helping couples. Laurie wholeheartedly believes that when “love” is truly treated as a verb, world peace is possible. She works to prove this theory every day. 

As an expert in lying, Laurie leads Handel Group in helping humanity see and feel the freedom that comes with truth-telling, and cleaning up our personal pollution: lies. Hers first – in 2019, Laurie proudly presented “The Secret-Free Diet” at TEDx Brooklyn.

Laurie’s longtime dream has been to speak, write, lead workshops, and teach The Handel Method to millions of humans worldwide. 

As a proven example of the success of designing her life using HG’s coaching methodology, Laurie is now truly living that dream. Between podcasts, TEDx, IGTV, events and workshops with Zoosk, JDate, General Assembly, IvyConnect, Ellevate and numerous other respected organizations, Laurie impacts thousands of humans each month. 

In her captivating presentations, Laurie helps participants Learn To Human Better® by teaching practical tools on how to dream, bust excuses, action plan for their future, build Personal Integrity® and of course, the art of honesty. Yes, a smock is required. 

She brings her vivacity, noun-turned-verbs, and evolving wisdom home to her delicious family: husband of 22 years, Will Craig, and 3 kids, ages 18, 16, and 5 in New York City.

Client Testimonials: 

Laurie is deeply rewarded by the feedback she gets from clients that life changes in an instant,  when they change their minds.

Your Learn to Human Better virtual event yesterday was one of the most engaging webinars I have attended! Your authenticity and confidence beamed through my computer screen. Thank you for providing such important messaging in these trying times and I’m looking forward to your next event!”

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