Love in the Time of Corona Webinar with Leiti Hsu | Handel Group

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5:00-6:45 PM ET
Thursday, April 9th
Led by Lauren Zander
CEO, Co-founder and Chairwoman

Because a new crush is the sexiest boost to the immune system, you’re invited to this workshop with a private virtual speed dating party to follow. We promise juicy, intimate conversation about the tri-f*ck-ta of love x sex x dating in the time of corona. Then, put new tips to use in virtual speed dates we’ve set up for you. Change the mind (and heart) on how finding ‘your person’ can be F-U-N (really).

Who knows? You may emerge from quarantine better at dating…or just connecting with humans.


IMPORTANT: While we’re offering this FREE, your good old-fashioned RSVP is required. Your dates will be waiting for you—don’t stand them up!

NON-SINGLE PEOPLE: Some of you have wanted to join to strengthen your bond in quarantine. See RSVP option for you.

Let’s play.

Coach plus student come together to distill as much learning as we can for YOU. Entrepreneur & show host Leiti Hsu opens up about how this former hopeless romantic turned way more than hopeful. She and CEO & celebrity coach Lauren Zander will share actionable tips on how to date NOW in a safe, fun and real way.

Do this for YOU. Your person is waiting out there.