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My Holiday Food Promise

It’s that time of year … the marathon between Halloween and Christmas.

Take notice of the availability of holiday treats in all the places you go – dishes of candy at the office, gift-wrapped boxes of cookies, bottles of wine at parties and dinners out. Even in your own home, foods you don’t normally eat sneak into the fridge via well-meaning guests, gift baskets, etc.

Indeed, wining and dining and overindulging is expected this time of year, and even celebrated. For so many of us, the holiday season is ALL about food – from Halloween candy corn to Thanksgiving stuffing to champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries on New Year’s Eve. It’s an integral part of our family traditions! It triggers and accompanies all the high and low emotions that arise this time of year – like being around family, or not being around family, or feeling lonely or feeling celebratory, etc.

And of course it’s okay to eat what you want to eat and enjoy your particular familiar holiday treats (mine is chocolate!) within reason. But even the most steadfast among us typically come off this season with a physical and emotional hangover, and a New Year’s resolution to get back on track. There’s a reason most gym membership specials start on January 2nd!

Now, Close your eyes and imagine a holiday season in which you didn’t get OFF track.


Imagine if you wrote out a plan for the month of December that outlined exactly how you wanted to live your life, treat yourself, and nourish your body during these hectic, emotional weeks. Imagine if you made and kept a few simple promises about your diet, your meditation routine, your sleep schedule, X number of yoga or exercise classes per week …

How do you think you would feel on January 2nd?

I can tell you, because I have done this myself. I have actually seen the other side of a holiday season that isn’t designed around dinners and indulgences. I can tell you from personal experience that reaching that goal on January 2nd, you feel high as a kite. I mean it!  Spiritually, physically, emotionally … there is no greater high on earth than the feeling of being able to trust yourself.

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The trick is to make and keep promises to yourself. Look at my list of holiday party promises:

1) Drink three tall glasses of water 30 minutes before each party/meal

2) Limit of one alcoholic drink

3) Limit of one serving of simple carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, sugar)

4) Have no desserts or one bite of a dessert

5) Be in bed by 12:30

I double-dare you to choose one or all of the above promises for yourself! It takes commitment, and afterwards you’ll feel AMAZING, 100% guaranteed! Remember: It’s not about punishing yourself or playing victim to a strict set of rules. It’s about moderation, accountability, happiness and above all, authorship. You can even consciously decide to gain 5 pounds over the holidays and schedule a plan of action to undo the damage, if that’s what works for you. The real point is to connect with your heart, your deepest yearnings, YOUR highest ideals. Sounds awesome, right?


If you need a place to start, sign up for our free Holiday Tele-Talk and design a plan to deal with  common holiday stressors – food, family, finances, and everything in between.

But be honest. Did you read through my holiday promises list and think, I’d never be able to do that? I used to think that too, and a hundred other self-sabotaging beliefs. Amazingly, you can change your mind. You can learn how to control your thoughts, act in accordance with your beliefs, lose your vices, achieve your goals, and have the life you want. We have a radical method that shows you how to do exactly that, and I’ll be teaching it this December at our next Design Your Life Weekend, happening in LA and NYC. Ditch the eggnog and give yourself the gift of personal evolution! When you honor your word and actually DO the things you really want for yourself, you build a trust and a self-worth that moves mountains. Your dreams come true, literally. How is THAT for a holiday treat?

Love, Laurie