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My Theory Comes with a Side of Ice Cream

Testimonial for Inner.U by Betsy Kowal

I could go on and on about Inner.U and all that I learned, left, and leashed. HG’s digital coaching course has taught me to unlock my courage, pursue my dreams, and get my inner dialogue on a leash.

As unreal as that may sound, it’s true.

Before doing Inner.U, I felt stagnant, resigned, and haunted by my own thoughts. I spent so much time defending my negative theories instead of questioning their soundness. For example, I had utterly convinced myself that I would never be capable of having a beautiful body that I would be proud of. Never realizing that this theory granted me a permanent permission slip to ignore my gym membership, grab a few cookies, and a pint of ice cream every time I went grocery shopping. The coaching in this course helped me not only take down this negative theory but unveil two important truths. First, I actually did want a smoking hot body, and second, the only thing stopping me from having it was me.

Now that I’ve finished the program, I have been given the greatest gift: the knowledge that I hold all the keys to my own happiness. These days I feel radiant, empowered, and capable of taking important actions in my life.

Betsy Kowal
Age 24
Yoga Teacher, Voice Instructor & Cinema Manager

Ready to cut the crap (and/or the ice cream)? Learn to Human Better with Inner.U, our online coaching course that gives you the tools to do this life thing a little better. Inner.U is 12 virtual sessions with Lauren Zander which includes 1 free private coaching session with an HG coach, a Promise Tracker, and a Buddy System to keep you accountable. You in?

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