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February 16, 2016
Led by Handel Group

If you are done serial dating and ready to find your one, HG  expert coach, Laurie Gerber, will give you the definitive how-to-vet steps from meeting online to date #3.

What to Expect:

Navigating the first three dates is an art. Designing your own rules of engagement will help you see what you most want, need and expect when it comes to dating and finding love. You will learn:

  • How to articulate what you want and vet people better.
  • How to avoid common dating pitfalls and heartbreak.
  • How to self-test at every stage of dating someone to determine whether or not to continue with them.
  • How to optimize the first three dates so you can, once and forever, stop staying in dead end relationships and find the love of your life, now.
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