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Q & A with Laurie Gerber: Life Coach Extraordinaire

Looking for a change? You might want to take a look at the 18 key elements of your life. (Can you guess what they are?) You’re definitely going to want to read what life coach extraordinaire, Laurie Gerber of The Handel Group, has to say.

Laurie is a self-described personal development junkie and has been coaching individuals and groups the past ten years. Laurie knows the ins-and-outs of personal growth and today she’s dishing on the importance of action, how culture in the workplace can go a long way, and why “maybe it’s you.”

MBG: What do you tell people who are searching for their passion? 

First of all, if someone has never gone through the journey of figuring out what they want to do with their life, then that’s a bummer. A lot of people go through that in their 20s, but if you skip that exploratory learning phase for some reason or it’s time for Round 2, I bring them back into it by diving in and really exploring what it is that they’re attracted to. In the journey of figuring this out you should ask questions like, “How much does something really turn you on? How juicy is it? How practical is it?” When I went through my own personal experience, I gave myself the course ‘What I should do with my life?’. So, for 6 hours a week, I made lists of things that I was potentially interested in, I would talk and meet with anyone who was in one of these fields, and I basically studied everything I potentially cared about. In the process, everything that I really wanted rose to the top. Ironically I was getting coached by Lauren, who founded the Handel Group, and I said, “I want to do this!”

The assignment for the “What I want to do with My Life” homeschool course is: Freely list all your ideas you’ve ever had and why you love them and how you would do them practically. Then rate (on a scale of 1-10) each idea for love and feasibility. Then make a list of all your “must haves” and “deal-breakers” regarding work. Then write up your analysis of this work.

So taking action is an important first step?

Get into action and see how you feel about everything. Make a list of 20 things that you ever cared about, and get going and see what those 20 things are about. The more spiritual answer is that the answer is deep within you, and you might already know what that answer is. What do you think contributes to happiness at work?

The missions have to match. If you’re selling something you don’t believe in, it just doesn’t feel good. There has to be a game plan for succeeding — a culture of growth and success. It’s important for people to think they can win where they are. I think the ability to tell the truth is important – sitting around with stuff like gossip and ill-will doesn’t make for a pleasant or productive work environment. It’s important to own your own ‘stuff’, tell the truth, and have a mission.

For coaching, where do you typically start?

We open coaching by asking people to confront all 18 areas of their life at once:

1. Body

2. Career

3. Money

4. Relationships

5. Romance

6. Sex

7. Community

8. Character Traits

9. Family

10. Time

11. Relationship to Self

12. Bad Habits

13. Home

14. Personal Space

15. Learning

16. Fun & Adventure

17. Spirituality

18. Health

This exercise is profound for people. Your job in life is to design these 18 areas. We have people rate their areas, and we start with those that rate the lowest and try to find out what’s ‘off’ in terms of someone’s logic or thinking about this specific area. Then we put you into action. Thoughts lead to feelings, and feelings lead to action. You can intervene anywhere, but the most potent way to stop a cycle is through action. Once you take action, you begin to feel different, you think different, and you act different – and you see how much control you have over your life.

Very often we get people meditating, exercising, and eating better. How we treat our body is something that we have 100 percent control over. Our slogan is “maybe it’s you?” This forces you into a life inventory immediately. We all have failures, negative traits, and things we aren’t proud of. We try to get people to take responsibility in a safe and loving way, so they realize the major goodies on the other side!

What’s unique about Handel? 

Personal Integrity® is a methodology created by The Handel Group that teaches you to live in accordance with your highest ideals, to align your heart, mind and body and to keep your promises to yourself as the source of true pride, power and self-confidence. If you’re really living true to yourself – aligning with your heart, mind, and body – then nothing can stop you.

Do you have any favorite quotes to live by?

Yes, “Maybe it’s you.” Another one is “Fight the real war, inner peace.”

Your Urban Retreat with Elena Brower is this Saturday – why do we need to go?

In some way or another, we’re all in a sort of trance, and we need a push to wake up and remember that we’re in control. And while we’re in that moment of epiphany, we need to make a plan. Saturday is a wake-up from the trance. We’re going to put you back into a powerful role in your life and into action. The retreat is for someone who’s looking for a change or shift in their life. We’re going to give a ton of information and experience around changing how you feel. We’re going to address your feelings spiritually, mentally, and physically, to see if we can shift your thinking and feeling. I read a book once that said, “Everyone resonates on a certain vibration level, and we can only shift our vibration level by 2%. So if you’re a Gandhi, you’re a Gandhi. ” Our whole mission is to prove that theory wrong, that if you do the work, then you can go further than 2%. The day is going to be packed with tools and information that will help you change your energy and vibration. Everyone will leave with a very practical, very inspiring experience.