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Do you get jitters going into the new year? So many big hopes and dreams and wishes and yet fear that they’ll all come crashing down around you? Or is this just my worst nightmare?

Today on the podcast I talk with Laurie Gerber – an expert in designing a life you love. Laurie is a renowned life coach with Handel Group where she has been coaching for over 15 years.

On the show, I’ll be asking Laurie, the difference between goals and resolutions and how you decide which to set, why it’s so hard to stick to something if positive reinforcement is the key and more. It’s got a lot of information so grab a pen and be prepared to take some notes.

After the podcast, I started pondering some of my own thoughts around the concept of designing a year. Stay tuned in this post to find out my plan headed into a new year.

Originally on Simple Roots Wellness.

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