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So much change in 12 short weeks.

“I think “Design Your Life” put me on a path to not just surviving, but building a meaningful life again. My first 6 months at Stanford Graduate School of Business were marked by some true lows: great family loss, the end of a meaningful relationship, the suicide of a dear friend, and of course the challenges that come with the GSB. It was the lowest point of my life. While dear friends and therapy helped weather the immediate onslaught of severe depression, my dreams remained somewhat muted by the losses. “Design Your Life” has put me on a fundamentally different path and brought so much hope to my life. . . I find it hard to fathom just how much change this course has brought in the last 12 weeks. I look like a more whole, happy individual than I have since high school…If it can touch only one person in the ways it has touched me, it is worth the entire cost of tuition. It’s put me on a path to being able to change lives, organizations and the world for the best, and this after all was my hope for my time at the GSB.”