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I’ve regained control of my life.

“Before taking Living An Extraordinary Life (Design Your Life), I always considered myself to tell the truth. I hated lying to people, and prided myself in my ability to be honest. What this class did for me was show me that it is just as important to be honest with *yourself* as it is to other people. This may seem like a relatively simple concept, but for me it was really a breakthrough. I have been struggling with an eating disorder for 4 years, and this idea of personal integrity, and holding myself to the same standards I hold other people, has helped me break that vicious cycle. Being able to form a really inspiring vision of what I would like to have happen in my life, and then make promises to myself that will help me towards that goal, have allowed me to gain back control of my life. I now feel like I am steering the ship, instead of just being along for the ride. The feeling is incredibly empowering, and makes me know that I truly can be active in planning out my life.”