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9:00-9:30 AM ET
Monday - Friday
Led by Handel Group

Wake Up Community Coaching 

Wake Up your day with our coaches! 

Get inspired as they coax you out of your head and into much better thoughts and actions – ones that are a match with your dreams.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Experience The Handel Method first hand and get a taste of how we can help you upgrade your current operating system. 
  • Get support with whatever you are up to and up against.
  • Feel the loving, high-vibe support of a coach.
  • Deal with any negative thoughts, traits, and theories that are stressing you out, keeping you stuck, and informing your current reality.
  • Design specific, powerful, and measurable promises and actions you are going to take that week. 

Tune in every morning at 9AM ET on Instagram Live @handelgroup. All recordings available on @handelgroup IGTV.