Wake Up with Laurie: Free Community Coaching | Handel Group | Handel Group


9:00-9:50 AM ET
Ongoing, Monday-Friday
Led by Laurie Gerber
Head Coach

Wake Up with Laurie Gerber

In these challenging times, let us help free you up FOR FREE!

Join Head Coach Laurie Gerber tomorrow morning, and every morning for the next couple of weeks for free community coaching. She will coax you out of your heads and into much better thoughts and actions.

In these daily morning Wake Up Calls with Laurie, you will:

Get support with whatever you are up to and up against. Not to mention, feel the loving, high-vibe support of a coach and like-minded community.
Deal with any negative thoughts, traits, and theories that are stressing you, keeping you stuck, and informing your current reality.
Design specific, powerful, and measurable promises and actions you are going to take that day. Some, dare we say, might not only be bold, but fun too!

In stressful times like these when worries, concerns, and doubts are also contagious, let us help comfort you (and sure, kick your but, but, but’s) from the comfort of your home.

Monday – Friday @ 9:00-9:50AM ET