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Want the Career of Your Dreams? See It First

For the next couple minutes, I challenge you to hack into your operating system and break the usual chain of command in your mind, think new thoughts on purpose – and imagine exactly what you most want to be true when it comes to your career.

You might freelance,  work for someone, be a stay at home parent, an entrepreneur, a student, or even currently unemployed, regardless, this area of life matters A LOT. 

On average, we spend 47 hours a week at work! 

There’s probably nothing we give more energy and attention to. I know that was true for me…but, by the time I came to coaching, I had long fallen out of love with my work. I’d blame the economy or my latest hire, and the best career dream I could muster was a vision of how I could slink right out the back door. 

Notice how thoughts like these were blocking my ability to manifest an inspired career for myself. 


Manifest (v) the act of causing or bringing something to fruition by thinking, feeling, and acting in accordance with a vision that you want. It originates from the Hindu Law of Attraction.

Now let’s consider YOUR ideal in the area of career. I am going to ask you a series of questions throughout this blog. I want you to consider these questions as you are thinking about the career of your dreams, manifesting it into reality, and writing it down a.k.a. the first assignment we give all our clients at HG and Module 1 of Inner.U CAREER. 

Maybe you already have a clear vision for your next role, or know how amazing it would feel to finish writing that screenplay. Maybe you are in a job that’s fine — but you know it could be better, except you have no idea what your next move should be.

No matter where you find yourself, you have a vision for what you wish you were doing.

Imagine you found something that’s so much fun to do. It’s your jam. It makes so much sense for your life AND you love telling people about it. You don’t have to know exactly what it is, you just need to know how it feels and what kinds of things you’ll be doing.

Now we’re going to imagine a day in your life in which you are living that dream.

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning. You are contemplating what’s in store for your day, what are you looking forward to? What impact are you going to have? Which colleagues and clients are you playing with today? Imagine interacting with one and leaving the conversation with such an inspired feeling. 

There is a pause in your day at work. What are you surrounded by? Where are you seated? What’s the lighting like? What sounds do you hear?

Now, your work day is almost over. Think back on your favorite accomplishment of the day. What was it? How did it feel to achieve that? Bask in that for a moment.

If there is something specific you want to accomplish, like a client you’d love to win, a project you want to do, or a compliment you’d really like to hear? Imagine that happening right now. 

It happened! Who do you tell? What do you say? What’s your tone and body language?  Is your chest puffed out, all proud?

When I want a particular big accomplishment at work, I go through the motions in my mind as often as I can. That’s how I got myself one thing I really wanted: a TEDx talk

Taking actions consistent with the reality you want obviously helps you to fully believe in it. I couldn’t just imagine standing on the TEDx stage, I had to apply, too.

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So now, Imagine yourself taking the bold actions that would get you to your dream.

Keep visiting those scenes. Especially before bed. And anytime your mind wants to redirect you from your dream, just back up, and take a different route to your destination. 

Don’t forget, you can change your mind at any moment. Keep focused on what you desire, even though it feels vulnerable. 

I dare you!