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We’ve Gone Healthy

We got nailed again. Part of being extraordinary means you are always open for improvement. In fact, you make it your job to grow, learn, evolve and get better. So, of course, we had to notice the new health wave going on around us and not get dusted!

Thanks to pioneers like Kris Carr, the world is beginning to make being healthy a little more sexy and a little more honest. Thank goodness. I think I can say we’ve figured out that sugar, empty carbs and processing are the bigger enemies than fat, right? We agree. And do we understand now that our body naturally craves the nutrients found in whole live foods and starves even if we are overstuffing ourselves with non-nutritive food? I hope so. We’ve been a little slow ourselves picking up on the value of whole foods and eliminating fake foods and “diet foods,” but we’ve now caught up. If you join our 4-week Dream Body telecourse, we’ll introduce you to our new food plan created in partnership with health pioneer Dr. Frank Lipman. Here is a little taste:

So now how do we train ourselves to want the good stuff over the crapola? Not so easy.

Mind Over Matter
Thoughts precipitate both feelings and actions and we have a bunch of really lame thoughts about food that deserve outing.

I’ve caught myself inner-uttering:
– The brownie WILL make me feel better.
– I deserve a bagel.
– If everyone else is doing it, why can’t I?! (gosh, that makes me fear my daughters’ teen years!)
– But I am so bored/antsy.

I’ve caught other people uttering:
– It’s low fat so that makes it healthy.
– It has no calories, how can it be bad?
– I’ll do better next time.

We have a lot of misguided messages about what’s healthy, what feels good and what we “deserve” that we have to undo in order to desire the apple as much as the cookie. That is where the Handel Method® comes in. We will help you tackle:

The brat- That childish voice in your head that just wants what it wants when it wants it and has fantastic and convincing logic and negotiating skills every time.

The chicken- That scared voice in your head that knows if you really took great care of your body you’d have to deal with your sexuality, your relationship, your lack of relationship, past abuses, your real career or something else you’d like to avoid.

Guilt over past crimes against your body- All the stories you have about yourself that you keep using to prove that nothing new is possible for you.

Your family baggage- Aside from all the good wholesome recipes, all the other negative messages about your body and food that are now imprinted on you and seemingly unremovable.

Your cultural baggage- Everything you learned from your community or your culture growing up that reinforced negative beliefs about how nutrition and health and beauty really work and what food is for.

Food is for nourishing you so you can fulfill your mission on the planet. Food is information; it tells your cells what to do. Learn to listen to your body tell you the messages it is receiving from the food you put in and learn how to talk to yourself, sending only messages that support your highest ideal of health. We can help.

Love, Laurie

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