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We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do

Have you considered that there are levels of integrity? For every result that you want in your life, you need to have the level of integrity that correlates.

When promises and actions are aligned with your dreams and the results you want, you are in “physical integrity.” Physical integrity also has to do with creating the right structures that will allow you to keep your promises and take the right actions. For example, you always review your calendar on Sunday nights to make sure everything you promised is planned for the week, or you always shop and cook meals with the whole family for the week ahead on Saturdays. This is a very important foundation on which to build the other levels.

When your actions, your thinking and your emotions are in alignment, and you believe in yourself and others, you are in “emotional integrity.” The higher your emotional integrity is, the higher your quality of results will be.

Beyond emotional integrity, there’s an even higher level of integrity: “spiritual integrity.” You are in spiritual integrity when you:

• consistently connect to your dream, and with others about your dream.
• have leashed your negative traits and keep them at bay.
• author your “inner dialogue” and hold yourself accountable for everything in your world.
• align your dreams with your body, mind and soul.
Spiritual integrity is a whole other level, barely noticeable until you watch its impact in groups. One person’s spiritual integrity could influence all the others. In the context of an organization, spiritual integrity occurs when a team comes together as a “mastermind” and the people on the team connect physically, mentally and emotionally, and know that that bond will enhance the ability to fulfill the mission and produce the desired results.
Have you ever experienced that sense of cohesion? The sense that the whole was greater than the sum of its parts, like there was some greater presence working for the good, beyond just the individual members of the team? That’s the power of collective consciousness. It’s our job to use that power purposely for the good. Let’s agree to stop complaining, rehashing bad news, gossiping and talking about the weather and agree instead to coalesce around the most important topics: our dreams!
In our weekly teleseminar series, Wake Up Your Week (WUYW), this is just what we have done, and I have experienced so much growth from tapping into the power of a group organized around our ideals of growth, risk taking, truth-telling and world-changing. The feeling I now get when I bring not only myself, but others into alignment with my goal to change lives, is akin to that feeling I had as a child just before the school play would begin. When all the months of hard work would finally coalesce into one grand peak experience of magic. There is something available when folks get together with a higher purpose, whether it is as simple as singing, dancing, discussing a topic everyone is interested in, or as “big” as organizing a movement. There is a spirit to community. And being able to generate that for yourself is spiritual.
As you know, I have a goal to leave lives changed for the better, many, many, many per day. I want to see careers rockin’ and rollin’, love found, relationships re-established, love saved, abuse healed, new paths discovered, businesses established, weight lost and people re-united. I have big goals; in order for me to truly be in integrity, I not only have to walk my own talk and make great plans for my work and believe in myself, I also have to SHARE this mission with others and find my kindred spirits who want the same thing.
Thank you WUYW for your support over the last year. It has been such a ball making mine and your dreams come true TOGETHER. In honor of this discovery and discussion, I am dedicating the last month of our series to Spirituality (for the month of March). In April, we’ll start all over from the top for another year of change in every area of life, but for March, we’ll focus on what we cannot see with our eyes, the power of consciousness and collective consciousness.
Even if it’s your first month with us ever, you will fit right in if you love to learn and grow and be supported. It’s a spirited, grounded and diverse group already, but we love fresh faces!