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I have the tools for happiness.

“When I first started the class, I was a wreck. I was wasting my life away online. I was struggling to complete my thesis. I was on autopilot with my girlfriend. I had no job prospects. Through the structure and the encouragement that our course leaders provided, I was able to pick myself up out of that mess. Within a span of about a year, I was able to graduate, start a new career way more interesting than the one I left, and most importantly, get engaged to my girlfriend of four years. The class for me really boiled down to 1) helping me to realize that it is normal to hate yourself when you’re doing something counterproductive, and that the only way out of that cycle is to stop the self-loathing, 2) deciphering the lies that I told myself and others about things, and becoming more truthful in my everyday life, leading to happiness, and 3) creating a structure to help me implement these changes in my everyday life. I’m truly thankful for everything that HG Edu has done for me. They’ve given me tools for happiness that I can bring with me.”