For Students: You Must Be Dreaming: Design Your Quarantine and Beyond Webinar | Handel Group

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2:00-3:30 PM ET
Thursday, May 14th
Led by Gaby Jordan
Principal HG Edu, SVP HG Corp

For Students:

You Must Be Dreaming: Design Your Quarantine and Beyond

Without question, it takes something for us – even in great times – to have a vision and take the right actions to become the success we want to be, both personally and professionally.

Imagine NOW!!

In times like these, when worries, concerns, and doubts are also contagious, this is EXACTLY where the rubber meets the road with all of our dreams.

Anywhere you have success in your life, whether you got that degree, that position, that promotion, quit sugar — no matter the adversity — you had a dream. You saw into the future, took the right actions, and made it happen. Whether you sat down, wrote it, and were clear about it, or not….Maybe, you even thought, it was your destiny. BUT what if “destiny” was not some fluffy disposable term, but simply your end game. Or the destination you plug into your GPS. Sure, calling your destiny a destination takes some of the glitter out of it. BUT, it also puts the steering wheel back in your (disinfected!) hands.

Dreaming wakes us up to ourselves. It gets us in the right fight. It allows us to see where we want to go while showing us the “traffic” (or pandemic) that’s in our way. Real happiness comes from knowing that you are giving ALL of yourself and being great, in your WHOLE life — not just one or two areas, where most of us prefer to play.

And not just in good times, but in hard times.

Join us in this webinar for a no-holds-barred, narrative-changing conversation and leave inspired to create YOUR action plan for your life during this quarantine and after…and ensure its success.