The 3H’s™: Head, Heart and Hoo-Ha | Handel Group

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Led by Lauren Zander
CEO, Co-founder and Chairwoman

Want to stop playing blind man’s bluff when it comes to dating?

We’ve got a cut-to-the-chase (albeit, slightly crass) method that will help you better navigate the dating world, get deeply honest about what you really want, and rock out your first few dates.


In this course you will:

  • Recognize your 3 inner voices
  • Learn what most important to each of your 3 H’s
  • Figure out which of the H’s you typically sell out on
  • Put an end to self sabotaging dating patterns
  • Design an “outside-the-box” dating plan that inspires you and creates results!

If you’re ready to find your One, this is the no BS course for you!

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