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Led by Lauren Zander
CEO, Co-founder and Chairwoman

When it comes to dating, what many of us don’t realize or take into account is that inside each of us are 3 voices that are critical voters and have very different points of view. Over your lifetime, you have been negotiating with these three voices, unaware that they even existed. Each voice has a different agenda and a strong opinion about who is right for you, and all three voices must be satisfied and aligned in order for you to be happy in your quest for fun, ease and wisdom when dating.

The problem is we typically sell out on one or two of the 3 H’s. The key to having a blast dating and hunting (another important H) for your one is to figure out which of the H’s you typically sell out on, stop settling and hold out for ALL 3 H’s.

If you’re ready to rock your next date, The 3H’s Guide™ to Rocking the First 3 Dates is the no BS course for you!

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