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11 AM EST / 10 AM CST
Friday, April 17th
Led by Gaby Jordan
Principal HG Edu, SVP HG Corp

Please have your students join us this Friday, April 17, 11 AM EST/10 AM CST for a free webinar co-hosted by the Handel Group Education Division and the Cardozo School of Law.  

What’s Next: Learn to Human Better, Even in a Pandemic

Gaby Jordan, HG Education Division Principal, will lead an interactive seminar to provide students with a framework to help powerfully design their quarantine period, as well as discuss strategies to amplify results on the other side.

Topics covered:

  • Help you get your mind under new management in the face of current events. You will learn how to catch negative thoughts in real-time, as well as learn a technique for how to ‘talkback’ to negative thoughts, beliefs and theories.
  • Receive tools to feel successful in the design and accomplishment of your day.  You will leave the seminar with a technique for designing a day which gives direction to the day – not a simple ‘to do’ list.
  • Provide tips on managing your time to support your success. You will leave with a set of scheduling principles which will help you move into a more realistic daily scheduling practice, supporting rapid and consistent movement out of the ‘continual overwhelm’ cycle.
  • Learn an accountability tool to enable you to continue to dream and build for your educational and career dreams in both the near- and long-term.  You will be provided with a 3-part framework (promise+consequence+someone to hold you accountable) to help enhance your individual achievement of results and stay the course during turbulent times.

If you are interested in joining this event, email jenny@handelgroup.com for the Zoom information.