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Private Coaching

Dream. We dare you.

Private coaching is the direct route back to your long lost dreams, helping you design and live your most inspired life. A coach will go through your assignments with you, point out what you may not be seeing, unstick you where you’re stuck, practice having hard conversations with you, help you keep your eye on the prize, and stand at the finish line whoot whoot-ing for you.


Personalized and potent.

PRIVATE COACHING is for people ready to dive deeper to get that extra level of insight into themselves and The Handel Method that only a private, one-on-one coaching session can provide. Private Coaching will help you live a life by design, rock out your results, and cause immediate and lasting change. Our HG Certified Coaches work closely with you to customize a program to suit your specific needs and guide you through the method, empowering you to cause the change you deeply desire once and forever, getting to the heart of your highest ideals.


What to expect:

  • Scheduling a Consultation is the first step
  • In your initial consultation, we will discuss your current challenges and your personal goals.
  • We will also discuss your budget and scheduling requirements.
  • We will recommend a coaching program and a coach that best fits your personal and budgetary needs.
  • Once you are matched with an HG coach, we will connect you to them and get you started!
  • Sessions are held via phone, Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangout and typically last one hour.
  • You will be given weekly homework assignments and you can check-in with your coach via email or through the Coach Chat function of Inner.U.
  • Your coach will review and provide feedback on your homework and promises right within Inner.U as well as on your calls.

Your coach:

PART TEACHER AND CHEERLEADER, part soundboard and sparring partner, our coaches lead by example, walk their talk and teach you to do the same. Your coach has gone through an extensive 18-24 month training program with Handel Group® and brings true passion, credentials, and personal experience to each coaching relationship. Our coaches practice and teach from a proven coaching process called The Handel Method which implements basic principles and clear steps to address the most important areas of your life and how to realize your dream for each area.

The Handel Method®:

OUR COACHING takes a revolutionary approach to life. Through this innovative coaching process, you will come to know and love yourself, resolve your personal history and manage your mind. You will develop Personal Integrity and align your heart, mind and actions with your dreams. You will see and understand yourself from a different perspective and experience your life with newfound compassion, humor and honesty.


Our coaching packages come with lifetime access to Inner.U, the digital textbook for your coaching sessions, plus all the benefits of an Inner.U subscriber. Private coaching requires the purchase of Inner.U ($425 for lifetime access).

Inner.U perks:

  • 12 audio sessions with creator Lauren Zander, covering all the major principles of The Handel Method, which your coach will step you through and assign to you.
  • 14 assignments in a digital format made easy for you to complete, share with your coach, and download if you like!
  • 1 free private coaching call with an Inner.U Certified HG coach.
  • Option to join a Masterclass led by an Inner.U Certified HG coach.
  • The Promise Tracker – a place for you & your coach to keep track of all your promises.
  • Integrity Score – Get analytics on your progress, your Personal Integrity, and your overall life balance.
  • The Buddy System – connect and get support from other people doing the same work you are.
  • And lots of hot tips, tools, and coaching cheat sheets!

Pricing & Packages




Staff Coaching

Risk-free packages of 24 sessions starting at $500 a month.



Senior Coaching

Risk-free packages of 24 sessions starting at $650 a month.



Couples Coaching

Risk-free packages of 24 sessions starting at $1000 a month.



Expert Coaching

Risk-free packages of 24 sessions starting at $800 a month.



Master Coaching

All sessions a la carte.

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